Cedar Fences

Wooden fences have been a popular choice for homeowners for decades as they are easy to maintain and come in many different styles and sizes. This timeless choice is perfect for families or property owners that seek a traditional look with tried and true durability. Wooden fences are malleable in their appearance as they can be stained or painted to fit any aesthetic. On top of this, they are perfect for blending into an established community or accommodating HOA regulations.

Lattice Fences

Lattice fencing provides a chic and eye-catching design that elevates a classic wooden fence. If you’re looking for a fence to give your yard privacy, keep your pets and kids safe, and is going to look great for years to come, a lattice fence is one of the best options out there. There are many different ways this fence can add value and style to your home while keeping the cost low.

Solid Panels

In contrast to picket fences, solid panels provide a much greater level of privacy that is perfect for those that prefer to keep their property concealed. This can also be helpful for preventing animals from getting inside the boundary line or even to reduce the risk of a pet slipping out through any slats. Solid panels provide a clean, modern appearance that can last for years to come.

Picket Fences

One of the many benefits of a picket fence is that it will allow you the desired privacy while still allowing natural light into your yard through its slats. Picket fences offer a traditional style that is perfect for those seeking a high level of curb appeal. These are often stained lighter colors like white or beige to contrast beautifully with a landscaped yard. Picket fences are an excellent option for those that desire to mark their land boundaries without needing an extreme level of privacy.

Tongue and Groove Fences

This style of wooden fencing is an excellent choice for those looking for privacy, security, and little maintenance over time. These types of fences can also be used to create a variety of styles to mesh with any home. You could use either them alone or combine them with other materials such as lattice panels or pickets to create a more decorative look that complements your property. If you’re looking for an inconspicuous way to keep out intruders without sacrificing the view outside your home or business, then tongue and groove fences may be right up your alley.

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